Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 14 – Install it all, y’all

Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 14 – Install it all, y'all

by Erik Jacobs


When we last left Project SC300, we had finished preparing all of the harnesses and refreshing the routing of our fire system. It was now time to actually get it all in. Get all the harnesses in, that is. Properly installing wiring harnesses isn’t all that terribly complicated, but there are a few odds and ends that some people forget. We made sure to properly handle them.

We decided to start with the main power wiring from the battery, and then move into the engine bay and start to lay out things. Then we’d circle back throughout the rest of the car installing harnesses as things presented themselves.


XS Power was kind enough to supply us with quite a large quantity of their 1/0 gauge battery wire.

The XP Flex cable is a great product and, as the name suggests, is very flexible and easy to work with. It is not, however, a milspec cable. That means it may not have the same chemical  and fire resistance as true M22759/32 wire. But, for the little quantity that we have, it’s probably OK. MilSpec wiring carries “welding cable” for their large-gauge wire.


The XS Power battery came with standard-style battery terminals, but we opted to use their 590 threaded terminals instead with our S925 battery.

This would allow us to use typical ring terminals at the end of our battery cables, and nuts to attach and secure everything.


Since the car would sit a lot of the time, I opted to permanently install a battery charger wiring kit to go with a battery charger I have at the house.

The wiring kit would make it easy for me to attach the battery charger quickly. XS Power also has a complete line of chargers (IntelliCHARGER) that they supply as well.


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