Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 29 – You’re in Figs Army now.

Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 29 – You’re in Figs Army now.

by Erik Jacobs

Well, it’s been another few months, and I still haven’t driven the SC300. So, why not buy more parts? The current COVID-19 situation is devastating for many, but I am very fortunate that I am still able to continue chasing my passions and dreams. And, for whatever reason, that dream includes turning an SC300 into a race car.

cardboard box in the trunk of a Subaru station wagon with a subwoofer visible in the background
When a box shows up from FIGS Engineering, you know that it’s going to be good. But I really went overboard this time.


four bright orange upper control arms with shiny rod ends
In a previous segment, I had installed all of FIGS lower arm hardware.

I kept the OEM upper arms on the car because I figured they had suffered less abuse than the lowers. Since I was expecting some down-time, I decided to go ahead and get the uppers done.

But maybe I bought a little extra…


gold and black penske double adjustable shocks with blue and bronze colored springs
Sweet Penske 7500DA (double adjustable) shocks custom spec’d by FIGS!

I had also been rocking a sporty Fortune Auto 510 coilover setup. A very, very long time ago, I had Fortune Auto choose valving and spring rates for a much smaller wheel/tire setup with no aero. Now that I had the giant 9 Lives Racing wing was planning on a splitter, maybe a diffuser, and had added 50% more tire, I knew I was way under-sprung as well as under-damped.

FIGS had custom valved Penske double-adjustable dampers done for one of his MKIV Supra road racing guys. As we know, the JZZ30 SC300 is basically the same car, so this kit should just work.

But, as we also know, I have a tendency to find the small ways things don’t work, because Damnit is haunted.

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  1. Those Penskes are nice, but pricey. A set of 4-way adjustable ones for my FR-S is like $11k! Definitely a pro-user setup.

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