Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 29 – You’re in Figs Army now.
three shocks on stainless table with man holding a fourth, in a very clean shop setting
You could eat off any surface in this shop, and all they do all day is disassemble and reassemble oil-filled dampers.

By the way, this is just the shock room. Traxxion Dynamics also has several CNCs in a full machine shop where they custom manufacture motorcycle suspension components and accessories. They also do installs of their motorcycle bits, and there was a Gold Wing getting a full suspension overhaul when I was there. Oh, they also have a huge stock room of spare parts for all their suspension stuff, too. And they also know motorcycle racing.

This is XXXXX. He popped the cracked Schrader out, put a new one in, and set all the damper pressures for me. I’m pretty sure he could’ve rebuilt all four of my dampers in the time it would’ve taken me to figure out how to disassemble the first one.


intercomp and spa shock dynos on tables with pegboard and tools in background
How many shock dynos do you have?

If I ever want to re-valve or re-dyno or otherwise customize these Penske 7500DAs, I know that Traxxion will be able to help me.

Alright, back to the install. Time for the upper control arms.


close up of bottom of rear upper control arm showing bracket holding ABS wire
The factory ABS wiring is attached to the factory UCA using these nifty formed metal brackets.

They don’t work on the FIGS UCA. I ditched them where they were easily removed, and cut them off where they weren’t. Ultimately I should drill and tap a hole in the arm to install a J-clamp / P-clip to hold the ABS wire. For now, a zip tie will do.

With that out of the way, it was time to pop the upper ball joint.


husky brand air hammer with point laying on garage floor
This air hammer makes really, really quick work of ball joints and other compression fittings.

When I did this last time, I used ball joint separator tools, and I also had the axle out. I really didn’t want to take the axle off because I wasn’t going to remove the knuckle. The FIGS arms use studs that have a nice little dimple for you to put the air hammer point into. The factory ball joint doesn’t, but the air hammer works well enough without the dimple. And there’s just enough space to get the shaft of the hammer next to the axle and hit the UCA ball joint.

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  1. Those Penskes are nice, but pricey. A set of 4-way adjustable ones for my FR-S is like $11k! Definitely a pro-user setup.

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