Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 29 – You’re in Figs Army now.
inner tie rod end poking out of steering rack with grease filling it
That’s a greasy rod… end.

Make sure you lube up the inner tie rod well. The cheap replacements I bought came with some light assembly lube and a tube of grease. I kept shoving grease in the “hole” of the tie rod inner and moving it around by pushing and pulling on the shaft until the movement was smooth.

It sounds as gross as it was. It also smells kinda funny.

I also have no idea if that’s what you’re supposed to do, but whatever. It was my first time.

Anyway, that’s it! Front and rear upper control arms installed, new tie rods, new better/faster/stronger lower front control arms. It’s all so good.



close up of deformed and mangled caged nut visible in nether regions of subframe
Damn you, little Japanese-engineer-man!

Like I told you, this stupid caged nut wouldn’t go back on correctly. It ended up just deforming, or the tab wouldn’t catch on the subframe, preventing me from being able to torque it correctly. Since the only reasonable way to get in there is to remove the rear subframe, I decided I would do all the subframe bushings while I was at it.

After all, the subframe bushings are the only FIGS suspension component I still don’t own. So I might as well catch ’em all.

Tune in next time to see how that went!

FIGS Engineering

Penske Racing Shocks

Traxxion Dynamics

Swift Springs

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  1. Those Penskes are nice, but pricey. A set of 4-way adjustable ones for my FR-S is like $11k! Definitely a pro-user setup.

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