Project STurdteen: Installing Parts Shop Max Suspension


In our last article, we showed PSM's power steering rack spacers. Here’s a photo of the PSM steering rack spacers installed.  

In addition to eliminating flexy rubber, they push the rack forward and reduce excessive Ackerman at extreme steering lock.

After all was said in done, we took the Turd to none other – West End Alignment. Luckily for us they are right around the corner from the MotoIQ HQ.
Darren is one of the best in the industry. His knowledge of proper vehicle setup is shown in his work. He is very meticulous and doesn't cut any corners!
Here's a shot of Sensei Kojima assisting Darren with the camber adjustments. If you're lucky, maybe he will reveal my alignment specs. I'll let the readers pester him about it since I don't want to give away the magician's tricks.

The Parts Shop Max parts are truly an incredible addition to the car. My S13 is no longer a turd but now has parts that are truly worthy of a competitive build. The adjustments are endless and this is one of the best steering angle solutions for the S-Chassis platforms on the market. Our chassis mods can see us all the way to competition now.

Now that we have finished the installation of all the suspension components, stay tuned as the Turd gets a new heart and we refreshen the engine with a complete rebuild.



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  1. It would be amazing if mike posted an article about aligning this specific setup as it is a common combination for a lot of grassroots drift cars.

    1. What I would set it at for a baseline for a low powered SR20DET grassroots car is around 5 degrees negative camber in the front with 5-6 degrees positive caster and 1/8″ toe out with the roll center corrected and bump steer adjusted to zero. In the rear, I would set to toe curve adjuster to neutral toe (no toe in gain), zero rear camber and zero to 1/8″ toe in. If the car had higher power, I would toe the rear in 1/8″ and possibly set the toe curve to gain toe in under compression a little. I would adjust the traction rods longer for a flatter toe curve. Roll center should be corrected by the rear knuckles. There you go!

      1. Thank you Mike! I have one more question. What is your opinion on lowering the front mounting point of the rlca to correct anti squat on s13’s?

        Thank you so much for sharing your vast knowledge with us grassroots guys!!

        1. For Pro cars, I lower the front 1″ and raise the rear an inch. This works well but for a grassroots car, you risk bogging down the motor. I would say you need at least 400 hp to exploit this. For close to stock DET’s, for example, that struggle to drift 3rd, don’t bother.

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