PZ Tuning 660 WHP Civic

PZ Tuning's Awesome 9th Gen Time Attack Civic

by Frank Ewald

There's nothing like seeing a race car in action. Even more, there is nothing like watching a race car move from a bare shell into a Global Time Attack Unlimited Front Wheel Drive class winning race car. William and Noreen Au-Yeung welcomed me into their store, Point Zero Audio and PZ Tuning, then opened the shop doors so that I could follow along on the build of this Honda Civic. You may be thinking “Why is PZ Tuning building a car, don't they already have an awesome Acura RSX?”  and you would be right, they do. The 532 WHP RSX is an incredible car that got the top podium spot at Road Atlanta and Buttonwillow last year. The 2012 Honda Civic – a 9th generation model – is even more incredible. Untested and with the first laps in anger taking place at Road Atlanta during the Global Time Attack event, the PZ Tuning Honda Civic turned a 1:30.223 to land on the top spot in Unlimited FWD. The second fastest FWD time (I believe) at Road Atlanta. It was at GridLife recently and won Unlimited Front Wheel Drive class with a fast lap of 1:37.055;also setting a new FWD Lap Record at Gingerman. (Cover Pic Credit: Kyle Lewis.)

Will allowed me access to the shop throughout his build. This car is incredible, however, it pales when compared to the energy and expertise that went into the build. There were times when Will wasn't sure he could make the deadline for Global Time Attack at Road Atlanta – and I must admit, I wasn't sure either!

Enthusiasm is the only adjective that can be used when describing Will and his race cars. Unless I were to use words like optimistic, determined, positive, excited, and panicked. Just three months before the car was to be at Road Atlanta, Will and Noreen were still anxiously waiting for parts to arrive. The build was stalled. But only temporarily. Then one week – no typo here, the car had never been on a track before this – one week prior to GTA at Road Atlanta the Civic was out for some real time testing at Toronto Motorsports Park. This is a small track that would not provide a venue for high speed testing yet would allow track work to test out the car's viability. It proved that the car was not yet ready. The pressure was on and the clock counting down rapidly.


The build wasn't stalled for very long. There's no way to hold you in suspense, because the outcome was simply too awesome. Here's a great pic shared by Tony Parrish – ShiftHype – of the PZ Civic at Global Time Attack on track at Road Atlanta. 
The wrap wasn't complete at TMP, but a real track opportunity was necessary to ensure that most of the bugs were worked out. Short straights limited the high speed testing, which would have to be checked and tested at Road Atlanta.

This testing was so very important, as it demonstrated a shortfall in the throttle assembly. Back at the shop, Will had a replacement throttle body from K-Tuned ready to go. It simply meant unbolting the existing unit and then fabricating an entirely new piping system from the throttle body to the Vibrant intercooler, and presto – just like magic it was ready to go. No sweat. Of course, untested. Will had no idea how the car would react at the speeds that Road Atlanta loves.


The new K-Tuned throttle body is in place. Will is fabricating the necessary components for the piping. All Vibrant parts – piping, VanJen Couplers, and massive Vibrant intercooler. The Skunk 2 intake is inverted to fit the build, and the Borg-Warner EFR turbo is ready for some incredible wheel horsepower numbers.
Back to the beginning, last fall and shortly after Will returned from Buttonwillow the concept of a new car was beginning to formulate. In January or February, I saw the shell of the 2012 Civic in the store. It was simply that, a very clean shell. Will was already optimistic about the timeline and the potential of the car.

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