PZ Tuning 660 WHP Civic


The housings weren't correct for application to the Civic, but between the two boxes from BorgWarner, Will had all of the parts necessary to make the swap. Which was incredibly easy.
Five bolts to be loosened off, pivot the fasteners, remove the old and then install the correct housing. Clock it as needed.
Flip the fasteners back into position and torque it down.
It's that simple because it's such an incredible design and engineered to work. BorgWarner has certainly set the bar.
The courier also dropped off an AIM MXL 2 digital dash. The MXL2 pulls data from the car's ECU but also has a GPS module – literally tons of channels and input sources for the serious racer yet it's easy enough to use for an amateur racer to appreciate.
These heavy duty Mil-Spec connectors and cables will ensure long life – even in racing applications. 

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