Radical SR3

Radical Canada

by Frank Ewald

You likely have your perceptions about Canada – the country north of the United States that is full of mountains, forests, and calm, happy people. So I am sure that the title Radical Canada may make you wonder. Perhaps you have read some of my other articles and realize that, on the race track, there are some pretty radical Canadians. Here, however, my focus is upon the Radical sport racer. The challenge and thrill of building a race car is exhilarating, but it is also full of challenges that can be frustrating and press even the most calm individual to the breaking point.

If that's the case then it may be time to look to a purpose built car. Your street and track car is costing a phenomenal amount to keep on the track and, inspite of spending tons of additional funds on driving schools and performance upgrades, the times are no longer dropping because you have hit the physical limitations of the platform. Again, maybe it is time for a purpose built car. Your track and street car really is no longer a street car – but it really is not a track car either. Okay, no question. You really need to look at getting a Radical! Now, if my wife is reading this – Pam, I'm not planning on buying a Radical SR3 purpose built track car.

The Radical is so very much in its element on the race track. These cars are built with one purpose in mind, and that is to provide an adrenaline rush that simply cannot be beat. The #62 shown above has a 1500cc upgraded engine package.

I had the opportunity to visit Radical Canada's head office and chat with owner and president, Robert Burgess, about his business and the cars he sells, services, and races. Robert has been involved in motorsports and automotive sales for a lifetime, but he took a great leap into the unknown when he opened Radical Canada. He knew that the interest was there. He knew that other drivers would love this amazing platform. But he also knew that he was opening a business in uncharted waters. There are not too many purpose built race car businesses in Canada. There is absolutely room and a market for Radicals!


The Radical SR3 with its Hayabusa engine and extremely aerodynamic body – it is simply and honestly a race car.

The SR3 comes with a Hayabusa 1340cc engine stock. A fully loaded Radical SR3 is available for $129900 Canadian (the UK and US price will obviously be different). You will probably already have a tow vehicle and trailer as part of your inventory – that will be necessary. And this car is capable of making the circuit at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in one minute and 22 seconds. This is 18 seconds a lap faster than I have ever accomplished in my Nissan and a couple of seconds faster than the cars of NASCAR Canada. Radical Canada focuses on the 1340cc Radical SRS, but there are a few Radical models that you can consider. There is the 1500cc upgrade that boosts the output to 260 bhp. This will take about a second and a half off of your lap times. Then there is the SR8 which could get your lap times down to the mid-teens at CTMP. These times are what the top running World Challenge cars are running – incredible!


The profile and the outline is exceptional. I love these cars!

In Canada the Radical Cup is only available for the 1340cc SR3, as it is a fledgling series. In the United States the Radical Cup encompasses all of the Radical models. Canadian owners of the 1500cc SR3 or the SR8 can still find events to run in, but there will likely be a limited number of Radicals to compete against. While the 1500cc upgrade boosts the power to 260bhp, the SR8 comes with the Radical V8. It is an oversimplification to say that this engine is two Hayabusa engines mated together – but that is the best description. The switch to the V8 adds about 100 kilograms to the car and the output is 430 bhp. It is phenomenal. It is also a full race car with specific process for warm up and running. This engine lasts for 35 race hours before a rebuild is required. It is a thoroughbred that requires careful monitoring – Robert indicated that you have to work to race it. In contrast, he pointed out that with the SR3 you simply start it and go racing.


There is no question that Robert is an awesome salesperson. I was almost ready to pull out my wallet to pick up this used Radical that was sitting in the showroom. The price was exceptional. The car was fully updated and would be competitive on the track.
Sure enough, shortly after selling his personal Radical, Robert was out at Mosport in the black Radical SR3, proving that it was track ready and putting down some very good times.

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