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I am always curious about how people get involved in motorsports. Robert has taken this a step further and is now moving near his fourth year as president of Radical Canada. As we chatted I learned that he and his dad raced together. He grew up in the industry and has been racing formula cars and also spent a decade racing Porsches. He was looking for something to race, with enclosed wheels, and something that met his standards. At that point he was selling performance automobiles and racing on weekends when he entered into discussion with Radical UK (Radical's home base is the United Kingdom). They saw the need for expansion into Canada and Robert's background was a near perfect fit for them. Robert knew it was a risk but also knew that opportunities come from risk. The rest is history. Radical Canada is now in its third home – this one quite spacious with room for sales, service, and parts.


Here is Andrew Marcus' Radical SR3. It's a beautiful car and I so appreciate the ride along that he gave me. The car in corners is unbelievable.
Most notably absent in the shop – hoists. They're not necessary with the Radical! That is another indicator that this is not a street car but a race car. Everything is accessible from the top making maintenance and track side work easier. Obviously, an owner's manual and also a workshop manual are included in the purchase price.
Here are the inner and outer sides of the flat bottom treatment for the cars. Robert and Radical Canada have a range of parts – from body panels to complete engines.
The cars look amazing  in the showroom, but …
… it's out on the track where they really shine.

I greatly appreciate the time that Robert Burgess shared with me as I found out more about these amazing cars. A huge thank you to Andrew Marcus for taking me out for a 20 minute ride-along. And I must mention Bruce McIntyre, as it was his Radical SR8 that was the first Radical I saw on track. They are the ultimate sports car.


Radical Canada

Radical Sports Cars – UK

Radical USA





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