Radical SR3


If you're like me, then you like to see what's under the body panels. The level of workmanship continues when the panels are removed. Robert Burgess allowed me to peruse the Radical Canada shop and parts department. The service area housed a few Radicals that were in for various types of service to prepare for upcoming races.
The muffler is massive. The rear engine Radical is so compact. The Hayabusa engine is mated to a Suzuki transmission. Radical builds the pneumatic paddle shifter. This is a full race paddle shift transmission and the shifts, as I sat in the passenger seat around the track, are blistering fast.
Compact, lightweight frame, motorcycle engine – this all combines to to a weight of just over 1100 pounds. With the 1340cc engine producing just over 200 bhp – we're dealing with a very awesome power to weight ratio.
The engine is right behind the driver's seat, separated by a bulkhead. It is nestled down in the framework to also provide a very low centre of gravity. With models providing just over 200 bhp to well over 400bhp, you can easily find your adrenaline fix.
Quality components throughout. Radical ports and polishes the head. They grind their own cams. It has Cosworth pistons and Arrow Precision crank and rods.The intake sits above the engine and well above the driver's head to allow for a great source of fresh air.


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