Radical SR3


As we continue to look under the body panels of the SR3, my host Robert Burgess pointed out the front splitter, the flat bottom treatment, and the brake ducting. The challenge of the Radical isn't overheating, but keeping it in the optimal operating temperature range. With a cool summer, like some parts of North America are currently experiencing, or early spring and late fall races it may be necessary to block off some of the engine cooling ducting to ensure warmth builds.
Large vents scoop in a ton of air for the cooling system.
Honestly, the car is both simple and complex at exactly the same time.
Carbon Fiber mirrors, Wheel venting. Canards to enhance downforce. 
Cornering speeds among the models are very similar to each other. The models with the larger engines pull off of the corners faster and have a greater top speed.
I think that this is what most other racers will get to see, even if only for a few moments, when they're up against a Radical on the track.

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