Radical SR3


The Radical SR3 is a purpose built two seater – the European models with right hand drive and the North American models with left hand drive. It is very comfortable but, when you have a passenger, you will want to like them! Note the fire canister in the footwell of the passenger compartment.

My friend, Andrew Marcus, gave me a ride in his SR3 at Mosport. It took me about ten minutes to get into the passenger seat and buckled in. With help! The 240 pounds on my 5'11″ frame, plus my full race suit, meant that getting buckled in was a bit of a challenge but I made it! Compact and comfortable yet I was very conscious about staying on my own side so as to interfere with Andrew's driving.


The SR3 is not a powerhouse. If anything, that perhaps surprised me the most. Coming through Turn 5 and onto the uphill Andretti straight it really had to work to pass other cars. I do recognize that my additional ballast caused some of that! It might be best described as a blistering fast momentum car.
Aerodynamics are critical for this vehicle and it loves high speed corners. Literally loves them. While the SR3 may not have been able to obviously overpower cars on the uphill straights once the corners came other cars literally disappeared from the rear view mirrors.
The rear wing is perfectly suited to the car. The brakes are outstanding. The livery on this model exceptional.
Ground clearance is exceptional for a race course, but not for anywhere else.
Quality workmanship and parts is evident throughout the build. If Pam would let me have one, I think that I would be the envy of the paddock! Apart from the other drivers who were lucky enough to already own one that is.

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