Radical SR3


Earlier models employed a chain drive. The axles have been around for quite some time and are driven through a Radical/Quaife assembly.
Out on the track in Andrew's SR3, which he races in the Radical Canada Cup, the car feels like it is riding on rails. Yes, I know I'm stealing a line from Julia Roberts – but in this car it really is accurate. This photo shows how the lightweight material, with X-bracing providing strength, make up the major components of the Radical.
The front passenger corner of the car shows the lightweight material, the massive brake rotors, and the single bolt wheel. Robert points out that in every sense this car is a race car – a sport racer that is built for the consumer looking to have the ultimate track experience.
The Radical Canada Cup, surely similar to what's taking place in the U.S., is a spec series with no room for modification. Suspension settings can be adjusted, but not much else can deviate from the factory settings.
The Radical Canada shop is able to house eight cars, but ideally the workspace is designed for two. This older Radical demonstrates how neighbours affect the racing world. Newer models have a muffler that is about twice the size to lower the noise levels.
I've been in a few open cars at varying speeds on the track. I vividly recall being a passenger in an amazing 427 Cobra replica with a hoop behind the driver and nothing on the passenger side. Incredibly exhilarating, but I did wonder how my head would fare in a dire situation. In comparison, the feeling of security in the Radical, complete with fire system and full roll bar, was solid. Of course, riding along with Andrew was also confidence inspiring. Andrew moved from a modified Nissan GTR to the Radical SR3. When he bought it he immediately brought it out to a track day I was hosting to break it in. The next time I saw it was when he had it out in the Radical Cup. He wasted no time in getting the car fully involved in motorsport.

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