PZ Tuning 660 WHP Civic


The transmission is a stock RSX model that has been upgraded with mFactory components. It has an mFactory final drive – stock – and 3, 4 ,5 , & 6 are all mFactory gears.
Beefy gearing but until it was tested, Will was not sure that it would handle the horsepower he was intending. An mFactory plate type LSD was also used in this FWD transmission build.
Will's office – it's perfect! The seat is a Sparco Circuit and Will spent a significant amount of time ensuring that everything about the seating position was ideal. His philosophy – the driver will be faster when they are comfortable. I agree!
The K-Tuned shifter removes slack and free play from the shifter – precise shifting is necessary for breaking records. You may recall seeing this in Jimmy Houghton's Integra Type R.
The ATL fuel cell is mounted behind the cage. Will then enclosed it to meet rulesets and ensure safety.
The Hondata system – at this point in time it was still being worked on. It is a Kpro version 4 Hondata system combined with a Hondata traction control system.

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