PZ Tuning 660 WHP Civic


I just happened to be at the store when the courier dropped off two boxes from BorgWarner. The new turbo that Will was waiting for – a new model of turbo that would be ideally suited for the horsepower the Civic would be aiming to attain.
It was like Christmas all over again. Well, it was like Will's Christmas all over again. The courier driver didn't have anything for me!
On the left is a BorgWarner EFR 9180 that's rated at 1000 HP.  On the right is an EFR 8374 rated at 750 HP. In the middle is the new 9174, a hybrid of the 9180 and the 8374, that's rated at 850-880 HP.
With the housing off, we get to see a glimpse of the inside of these power houses. The exterior is the same, it's how the inside is designed that make the difference. The new turbo joins the 91 mm compressor to the 74mm turbine assembly; creating an extremely fast spooling, high power turbo.
There was no inkling of this car when Will was at Buttonwillow last fall. In January it was a shell. April 30th the wrap wasn't done and the diffuser wasn't mounted. May 8th and 9th – it was winning at Global Time Attack. What more can you ask for?

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