PZ Tuning 660 WHP Civic


It was a team focus that got PZ Tuning to the top podium spot in UFWD with Global Time Attack. PZ Tuning thanks all of their sponsors for their support. Team Members from the left are Matthew Browning, Hankook's Sarah Top, Will Au-Yeung, and Alex Vongnhay. Absent: Noreen Au-Yeung.


The car sounds amazing under power. It has a 3″ downpipe that transitions into a 4″ oval – all fabricated by PZ Tuning using Vibrant components.
The wheels are Rays GramsLight 57FXX Pro 18×10.5 front and 18×9.5 rear. They wear Hankook Z214 275 35 18 – the compound is C91. These tires are unbeliveably sticky – so much so that in the showroom, when they were new, it felt like my fingers were stuck to them when I touched them. Wow!
The hood is vented with a KSR Hood Scoop. There's nothing spectacular about the functional front splitter and canards. The car does not have a flat bottom treatment … yet. This Civic is simply all business.
The rear diffuser, built – yes, you guessed correctly – built at PZ Tuning. Will completed it while the car was getting wrapped, literally with less than a week before Road Atlanta, so there was no time for test fitting. Measure twice or more, cut once, weld it up, and bolt it into place. First time!
Wrap completed by Niko Signs and Grafx leaves the car looking absolutely amazing. There's no question that it is a race car. But don't forget, it was hauled down to Global Time Attack at Road Atlanta and had not yet been on a high speed course. It had not even had a full hour of track time. In fact, it was really only about 15 minutes. Everything would need to be sorted out at the track in Georgia. I cannot imagine taking a freshly built car, with just one limited evening session on a small track, to compete at one of the fastest tracks in America. 
There was drama off of the track also. Someone broke into Will's truck on the trip to Atlanta and stole everything inside that they could pick up. That included camera equipment – containing many of the build pics! Irreplacable and quite disappointing. If you read this and have that equipment, of course Will wants it back. But at minimum, send us the memory cards and photos. Before you say it should have been taken inside, that's always the case. But with some sleep depravation in play, this time it was overlooked.
Simple lines plus limited colours equals a beautiful race car.

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