PZ Tuning 660 WHP Civic


The rear wing areo is simply cool. I did tell Will that I really missed the signature PZ Tuning Shark Fin from the RSX. For high speed tracks the RSX required and benefited from the Shark Fin, but with this APR Performance swan neck wing the Civic was extremely well planted at high speed tracks so the shark fin would be unnecessary.
The swan neck braces fit through slots in the trunk lid. Somewhere on FaceBook Will has posted pics of his initial 'CAD' drawings. CAD – as in Coffee shop napkin And possibly a Doughnut on the side.
The swan neck braces then are attached to this massive aluminum framework that Will fabricated in the trunk. It's solid.
This framework will absolutely support all of the downforce that this wing can exert. Great to see how Will is building the car to meet the expectations that he knows it will face. Too often, even in time attack builds, the necessary reinforcement is overlooked. Not on the PZ Tuning Civic!
The fit and finish of this Civic causes many to disbelieve the short build timeline.
Perfect fitment! Brakes are StopTech 4 piston front calipers and stock calipers on the rear. Brake pads are Project Mu. The Hankook Z214 C91 compound are incredibly sticky! Rays GramsLight 57FXX Pro 18 x 10.5 front and 18 x 9.5 rear.

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