Scuderia Algar/Sierra Sierra Enterprises 2011 Ferrari Challenge Team

Scuderia Algar/Sierra Sierra Enterprises 2011 Ferrari Challenge Team

For 2011 Sierra Sierra Enterprises has teamed up with Algar Ferrari to campaign two Ferrari Challenge cars in the North American Ferrari Challenge series. You might be wondering how this came to be. If you've been following my adventures with Sierra Sierra and Christine the EVO, then you might remember than Sierra Sierra used to own and operate teams and cars in Formula Mazda and Formula Atlantic. Running the EVO obviously doesn't require a big staff like active race teams do, but Richard the team manager and chassis engineer, Mike and Jethro the mechanics, and Dan the everything else guy still report to a fully stocked airplane hanger with plenty of equipment to run race cars. Dave or “Emp” the driver is all over the place freelancing with driving and coaching gigs too.

So since the decision was made to concentrate primarily on international time attack events in 2011, that left these guys with a whole lot of time. Emp got a coaching gig with the Algar Ferrari drivers and they needed to put together a race team. Of course that's an expensive ordeal (even for Ferrari guys). Sierra Sierra had the experienced and fully stocked hanger full of everything to run race cars. So Emp introduced Algar and SSE to each other and so far, so good. Richard, Mike, Jethro, and Don had to learn everything from scratch never having run Ferraris, but they did exactly the same thing with a Mitsubishi EVO and look how fast Christine is now. If I were to trust any team to pick up the pieces and make some race cars damn fast in a short amount of time, it would be the Sierra Sierra guys.

Nads shot these pics at a Buttonwillow test last month. While Ferrari Challenge cars aren't the fastest cars in the world, I still think they're beautiful race cars. They look better than Porsche GT3 Cup cars if you ask me. What would be so bad about going to a track to watch and hear Ferraris screaming all over the track? That sounds like a pretty good day at the track to me. Check out the 2011 Ferrari Challenge schedule to catch Scuderia Algar and SSE Ferraris at a track near you.

Just read the captions to get the story since there are so many pictures to help illustrate what's going on. The images and captions are a collection of what Nads has been leaking on to Facebook several photos at a time, but here they are all at once. Some specs on the cars themselves first:


Wheelbase: 2650mm (104.3in)
Length: 4527mm (178.2in)
Width: 1937mm (76.3in)
Height: 1163mm (45.7in)
Curb Weight: 1280kg (2821lb)
Engine: 90-degree, DOHC 32-valve, 4.5L naturally aspirated longitudinally mounted V8
92mm x 81mm (4499cc – 4.5L)
Fuel: Shell ( V-Power 93 octane
Power Output: 570hp @ 9000rpm, 368 lb-ft of torque @ 6000rpm
Rev Limiter: 9200rpm

Bore/stroke: 94.00mm x 81.00mm (3.70 x 3.19cu in)
Total displacement: 4499cc (274.50cu in)
Compression ratio: 12.5:1
Block: Aluminum alloy
Head: Aluminum alloy
Air Intake: Carbon Fiber airbox design
Oil: Shell Helix ( Ultra 5W-40
Steering Fluid: Shell ( Donax Hydraulic
Exhaust: Challenge model-specific with GT2-derived Iconel plenums and specific racing catalysts, optional racing silencer for db-regulated circuits
Fuel Delivery: GDI with Split Injection
Fuel Capacity: 29.8gal
Engine Control Unit: Magneti Marelli (
Battery: Lightweight racing version

Design: Front: overlapped aluminum triangular wishbones; Rear: multi-link set-up; solid aluminum bushings (Flamblock)
Shocks: Delphi single-rate adaptive magnetorheological dampers (SCM2), optional softer versions available
Springs: Front: 150 kg/mm standard (190kg/mm optional); Rear: 180 kg/mm standard (240kg/mm optional); 
Anti-roll Bars: Slots adjustable by 10 percent,  Front: 21mm; Rear: 23mm
Brakes: ABS/EBD-equipped Front: Brembo ( Aluminum Monobloc 6-piston caliper, 398mm carbon ceramic (CCM2) rotors; Rear: Brembo ( Aluminum 2-piece 4-piston caliper, 380mm carbon ceramic (CCM2) rotors
Pads: Front: CE450; Rear: RS19
Fluid: Shell ( Donax UB Brake Fluid DOT 4 Ultra

Transmission: Dual clutch 7-speed, paddle-operated, sequential manual with F-Trac traction control system
Gearbox Oil: Shell ( Transaxle Oil SAE 75W-90
Clutch / Flywheel: Sinterised two-plate
Differential Type: Limited-slip rear, electronically controlled (E-Diff3)

Windows: Lexan windscreen, side and rear 
Luggage and Engine Covers: Carbon fiber, equipped with pin-style latches
Doors: Dry carbon
Pneumatic Jack: Integrated

Wheels: BBS ( single lug aluminum Front: 19×9.0; Rear: 19×11.0
Tires: Pirelli ( PZero Slick Front: 255/650-R19; Rear: 305/690-19

Cage: FIA-compliant
Seat: Sabelt (
Harness: Sabelt ( six-point
Wheel: Equipped with controls for E-Diff3, high beam flash, 37mph pit lane speed limiter, LCD data scroll, pit radio, turn signals, windscreen washer fluid, windscreen wipers
Electrical Equipment: Color TFT display with data recording facility (64mb)
Fire Extinguisher: On-board system
Battery Isolator Switch: FIA-standard version

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