Scuderia Algar/Sierra Sierra Enterprises 2011 Ferrari Challenge Team


While the F430 looks factory fresh it has seen quite  a bit of Challenge combat.  All credit to the Algar Ferrari and our SSE crew for getting this car prepped so well.

Not the usual sort of red car you’d expect to find under our SSE canopy at Buttonwillow, now is it?

Big bad Frank climbing out of his little red Ferrari.

Because he is leasing the car for the 2011 season Frank Fusillo will be able to change up the livery on the number 59 F430.

Here are your Scuderia Algar drivers for the 2011 Ferrari Challenge season, Frank Fusillo (left) and John Farano.

John Farano’s a seasoned Ferrari Challenge racer and we may be a bit biased but we think he could be in contention for the championship this year.

Frank Fusillo is a newcomer to the series this season but he’s already shown some good speed in only our first test.

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