Scuderia Algar/Sierra Sierra Enterprises 2011 Ferrari Challenge Team


The 458 Challenge car at speed around Buttonwillow.  Emp thinks this car is good for a 1:47 here, which is still some 6 ticks from our time attack record.

The F430 is another 3-5 seconds slower than the 458.  To give you some perspective, at Fiorano, Ferrari’s test track, the 458 Challenge is 2 seconds faster than the F430.

The 458 Challenge weighs 120lbs more than its F430 predecessor no doubt due to the increased sophistication of such components as the E-Diff3 and SCM2 magnetorheological dampers.

While the engine architecture remains essentially the same between both models (90-degree, DOHC 32-valve, naturally aspirated V8 the increased 4.5L displacement of the 458 combined with other advancements ups power to 570hp, 83 more than the F430.

In the Ferrari Challenge series both the F430 and 458 cars race simultaneously but with two separate championships.

Series sponsors include Pirelli, Shell, Sabelt, Motorola and Avant Air.

458 headlight looks exotic even slathered in Buttonwillow’s indigenous insect internals.

The Scuderia Algar team will contest the entire 6-race Ferrari Challenge schedule as well as the international finals.

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