Scuderia Algar/Sierra Sierra Enterprises 2011 Ferrari Challenge Team


However our work on the Ferrari Challenge team will not take the place of our time attack program.  If anything, the additional assets will help us push Christine to go even faster in 2011.

Glamour shot of John Farano’s Scuderia Algar 458 Challenge car.

Glamour shot of Frank Fusillo’s Scuderia Algar F430 Challenge car.

This transporter will be dedicated to the Scuderia Algar program.  You can differentiate our time attack rig by the Mitsubishi and Cosworth logos on the side.  Stay tuned, this season is going to be quite a trip.

Stay tuned for updates on the SSE EVO time attack program. The approval for continuation of engine development was just given and the wheels are finally rolling in preparation for the 2011 World Time Attack in Sydney this August.  Look for the Christine to go even faster in Sydney this year and hopefully bring home the trophy for the world’s fastest time attack car.

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