Scuderia Algar/Sierra Sierra Enterprises 2011 Ferrari Challenge Team



Wheelbase: 2600mm (102.4in)
Length: 4512mm (177.6in)
Width: 1923mm (75.7in)
Height: 1184mm (46.6in)
Curb Weight: 1225kg (2701lb)
Engine: 90-degree, DOHC 32-valve, 4.3L naturally aspirated longitudinally mounted V8
92mm x 81mm (4308cc – 4.3L)
Fuel: Shell ( V-Power 93 octane
Power Output: 483hp @ 8500rpm, 342 lb-ft of torque @ 5250rpm
Rev Limiter: 8500rpm

Bore/stroke: 92mm x 81mm (3.50 x 3.03cu in)
Total displacement: 4308cc (262.89cu in)
Compression ratio: 11.3:1
Block: Aluminum alloy
Head: Aluminum alloy
Air Intake: Carbon Fiber airbox design
Oil: Shell Helix ( Ultra 5W-40
Steering Fluid: Shell ( Donax Hydraulic
Exhaust: Challenge model-specific with high central exit configuration
Fuel Delivery: EFI
Fuel Capacity: 25.1gal
Engine Control Unit: Magneti Marelli (

Design: Overlapped aluminum triangular wishbones
Shocks: single-rate
Brakes: ABS-equipped Front: Brembo ( Aluminum Monobloc caliper, 398mm carbon ceramic (CCM) rotors; Rear: Brembo ( Aluminum 2-piece caliper, 350mm carbon ceramic (CCM) rotors
Pads: Front: CE253; Rear: RS19
Fluid: Shell ( Donax UB Brake Fluid DOT 4 Ultra

Transmission: 6-speed, paddle-operated, sequential manual, ASR traction control system
Gearbox Oil: Shell ( Transaxle Oil SAE 75W-90
Clutch / Flywheel: Sinterised two-plate
Differential Type: Limited-slip rear, electronically controlled

Windows: Lexan windscreen, side and rear 
Luggage and Engine Covers: Equipped with pin-style latches
Pneumatic Jack: Integrated

Wheels: BBS ( single lug aluminum Front: 19×8.0; Rear: 19×10.5
Tires: Pirelli ( PZero Slick Front: 235/645-19; Rear: 298/680-19

Cage: FIA-compliant
Seat: Sabelt (
Harness: Sabelt ( six-point
Wheel: MOMO ( equipped with controls for pit speed limiter, pit radio, LCD data scroll
Electrical Equipment: Color TFT display with data recording facility (8mb)

Much like the far more common Porsche GT3 Cup cars, Ferrari Challenge cars are more or less the factory cars tweaked to the max at the factory providing car owners and drivers an ultra reliable race car that is pretty damn quick at the same time. Since these cars are developed by the engineers and techs at the Ferrari factory, these are proper race cars built around the factory engine, drivetrain, chassis, and body. The Challenge cars are basically turn key race cars, but you’ll need a good team and driver to make these the cars faster than the next guy’s of course.

Modifications are severely restricted to eliminate the chances of using a ton of money building a faster car. Instead you can use a ton of money to hire the best team of engineers, mechanics, and techs! But even then, there aren’t many changes a bad ass engineer could execute. There are a few things that can be changed such as brake pad compounds, suspension alignment, and that’s more or less it. I don’t think they even change springs. Ferrari Challenge is a spec series where all teams must use the same tires, brakes, fluids, engines, etc. They playing field is pretty much as level as can be.

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