SEMA 2011: Wrapup

SEMA 2011: The Wrap-Up

by Sarah Forst

SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association), #1 on most auto enthusiasts bucket list:
1) Mecca of the auto industry 
2) 135,000 industry leaders
3) 61,000 buyers
4) 621 first time exhibitors
5) A bazillion drinks consumed (almost as many coffees)
6) 0 hours of sleep
That pretty much sums it up.  Vegas revved up for another exciting SEMA convention and it seems like the auto industry is taking off again.  This year's show was busier and more exhausting.  I felt like a salmon swimming upstream just trying to navigate most of the aisles but am ecstatic to see new concept cars, more aftermarket parts being introduced, and more gear heads that can go for broke on their cars.  This year, the MotoIQ group hit the show like a piston slapping a valve; of course, we only damaged our livers…
These are this year's SEMA Award winners (photos from here), with a vote being assigned to each booth vehicle.  Readers, what do you think?
SEMA Hottest car Chevrolet Camaro, Chris Perry
Hottest Car: Chevrolet Camaro; award presented to Chris Perry, Vice President Global Chevrolet Marketing and Strategy of General Motors.
 SEMA Hottest Sport Compact Fiat 500, Pietro Gorlier
Hottest Sport-Compact: FIAT 500; award presented to Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO, Mopar Service, Parts, and Customer Care.
 SEMA Hottest 4x4 Jeep Wrangler
Hottest 4×4-SUV: Jeep Wrangler, a repeat winner 
Ford F-150 SEMA award winner, Martin Smith
Hottest Truck: Ford F-Series award presented to Martin Smith, Executive Design Director for Ford.
Other MotoIQ designated “Awesome Sauce” Spots:
Hottest Buffet: Wicked Spoon at Cosmopolitan hotel
Tastiest Food at SEMA: NY Deli, back of center hall
Cleanest Bathrooms at SEMA: Next to the media center- no lines!

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