SEMA 2011: Wrapup


 Chevy Booth:

Chevy COPO Camaro engine
Chevy revealed its new stock Eliminator COPO Camaro concept, a 327 cubic inch LSX block with a Whipple twin screw supercharger that has an adiabatic efficiency of 80%.  A high adiabatic efficiency means the supercharger uses less energy from the engine to drive it, meaning more is left for making power.


Chevy motor


There were about a million Camaro concepts wrapped in shiny paint, from the ZL1 Carbon concept decked out in carbon fiber components with a 580 horsepower supercharger set to debut in 2012 to the Camaro 1LE concept with a road race worthy suspension to the Camaro Red Zone convertible concept with a full body kit that will be available at the dealership.  But it was an onslaught of Chevy Sonic cars.  Um…. “Super” Sonic???

Chevy Sonic Boom conceptChevy Sonic LDRShip concept
The Chevrolet Sonic Boom blew me away; literally.  The hatch opened and the two 15″ Comp VX subwoofers, 6 QS Component speakers and tweeters, twelve 6″ QS Component speakers and tweeters, and 6 amps just about shoved me into next week.  Not too practical, but it might be a contender for an SPL contests.  Chevy Sonic LDRShip concept-  This leopard print accented Sonic is GM’s response to the “tuner girls” (their words).  Sorry, I prefer my engine growling rather than purring…   When will manufacturers realize female tuners don’t want big wheels and ridiculous paint jobs and stick to the go-fast parts?


Chevy Tjin conceptChevy Sonic Z Spec 2
Chevy Sonic Tjin conceptChevy Sonic Z Spec 2 concept


Chevy Sonic Z Spec 1Chevy Sonic Fatlace concept
Chevy Sonic Z Spec 1Chevy Sonic Fatlace concept


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