SEMA 2011: Wrapup


 Hot or Not?


Mister Cartoon Ice cream truck
What do you get when you give an ice cream truck to a graffiti and tattoo artist?  Mister Cartoon (whose previous work has graced the bodies of Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Beyonce, and Eminem) created this vehicle that makes me think they aren't offering your typical popsicle. 


Audi Tron
I could have used up an entire page of WTF? cars modified by West Coast Customs.  Instead, I shook my head.  Why would anyone do this to an Audi is beyond me.  The Continental Tire booth featured this jacked up chrome Audi Tron car (why?…) with acrylic 20″ Colorado Customs wheels and color change LED's that run throughout the car so that the tail lights and interior change like a Vegas club. 


Truck with Chevrolet 300 front end
I nicknamed this thing Puzzle Truck, mostly because the pieces fit together like a jigsaw puzzle but also because I have no idea why anyone would do this.  This short school bus orange-yellow painted truck with Chrysler 300 front end, suicide doors, and a tonneau cover that looks like it was molded by someone running with scissors.  At least it has a spot for the license plate so it can stay legal…


John Fortuno
John “Fatchance” Fortuno's 2011 Chrysler 300C car uses an air suspension to sit on the ground.  The body is supported by some 22″ forged alloy rims.  The stock 5.6L was replaced with a 7.0L 426 hemi with Mopar cold air intake and cat-back exhaust which Fortuno estimates will make 560 horsepower and run a high 11 second ¼ mile.  Bets if it will ever see a dyno or a track?


Disorderly Conduct truckSemi truck
It's hard to think of shiny semi-trucks as functional…The logo is pretty unique at least.


Chevrolet blinged out engine
I prefer my bling on the inside of an engine and not in the form of bedazzled pieces.  This Chevrolet V8 was on display at the Proform booth.  Eye catching?  Yes.  Functional?  What do you think?  


Optima battery charger
This Optima battery charging station charges and maintains 12V batteries.  It also has a USB charging port for use with iPads, iPhones, cell phones, and cameras.  


Shift knobs
Custom shift knob anyone?  


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