SEMA 2011: Wrapup


Sema-antics: The difference between the words you use to describe how you partied at SEMA and the debauchery that really went on.

The afterparty scene this year was off the hook, or as we'll call it now “Certified Legit”.  I think I got 8 hours of sleep the entire time I was at the show, but as you can probably tell, we're totally a bunch of club kids who love to shake our asses like a car with shot motor mounts.  Anyways… my trek through the Vegas airport to the plane must have looked like a walk of shame.  

We kicked off Tuesday night with the Formula Drift/SPOCOM event at PURE nightclub in Caesar's Palace, hit up the Club Haze Scion party at Aria on Wednesday, got the rooftop VIP treatment at the Falken party at Chateau in Paris Thursday, and spent a more relaxed Friday drinking liters of beer, taking apple shots (and the requisite spanking), and enjoying some more sausage (go figure…) at Hofbrauhaus before more drinks at Hard Rock.  The sun rises were beautiful…

We typically don't carry cameras on purpose to the nightlife.  There's too much compromising stuff that may be caught and forever imbedded in somebody's facebook page.  But being the reporters we are, MotoIQ decided to take you into the clubs with us to see what goes down; well, all but the strip clubs!  At least we knew our point and shoot camera would require us downloading the pics from the SD card and uploading them to the site- which couldn't be done until we were sober enough to edit out any incriminating ones.  

To sum it up, these parties are a “wood pile” (designated MotoIQ word of the 2011 SEMA).  Most of the girls there are getting paid but it is fun watching drunk guys grope each other on the dance floor, not realizing that's just a dude with long hair.  Best of all- Wes can sure bust a move with Lesley's hot pink animal print stiletto heels on!  Get to know the MotoIQ crew through our exclusive pictures.

Club Haze, Scion party, Aria hotelLesley Peters, Will Cannady, Sarah Forst
Club Haze Scion party, Aria hotel dancers.Reality show star Lesley Peters with MotoIQ's Will Cannady and Sarah Forst.


Chick at Club Haze Scion party, AriaMartin Gonzalez
Club Haze Scion party, Aria hotel.MotoIQ's Martin Gonzales wants to share a drink.


Sarah Forst, Mike Kojima, Lesley PetersSarah Forst, Khiem Dinh, Lesley Peters
MotoIQ's Sarah Forst and Mike Kojima with Lesley Peters.MotoIQ's Sarah Forst and Khiem Dinh with Lesley Peters.
Lesley Peters and Jeff NaeyaertWes Dumalski
Lesley Peters and MotoIQ's Jeff Naeyaert.MotoIQ's Wes Dumalski.
 Falken party, Chateau at Paris
Cool backdrop at the Falken party, VIP section (upstairs, outsides) at Chateau nightclub in Paris; MotoIQ's Mike Kojima and Sarah Forst.


KerryAnn, Will C, Mike K, Colin H, Chuck J, Wes DWill C, Shay Alexander, Scott Dodgion
MotoIQ crew parties at the Falken party with Kerryann de la Cruz; Mike in the middle with Colin and Wes up top and Will and Chuck below.MotoIQ's Will Cannady with some of Dai's Formula Drift crew, Shay Alexander and Scott Dodgion.


Mike Kojima, Sera Trimble, and Annie SamMike Kojima, Colin Holte, and Justin Banner
MotoIQ's Mike Kojima and Annie Sam border stunt driver Sera Trimble.MotoIQ's Mike Kojima, Colin Holte, and Justin Banner.


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