SEMA 2016: Nerd’s Eye View – Track Cars


A heat exchanger sits in the opening of the massive fender flare to grab some cooling air.
That’s some pretty crazy bodywork fitted to a production based car. I suppose you could call it ancient- relative to modern Time Attack cars.
If you visit Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch, you can join the Spring Mountain Racing Series and race these open cockpit cars. It has a carbon fiber tub and reminds me of a mini Audi R15.
A Borg Warner EFR crams the boost into the longitudinally mounted engine. There’s some clever air ducting to feed air to the turbo and the intercoolers. Or course, there’s a heat shield over the turbine housing for thermal management, as any race car should have. The central air scoop rams air into the compressor inlet of the turbo.
Here’s a look of the rear inboard mounted suspension. Check out the pivot axis of the bell crank. I’d imagine that’s a sensor to measure suspension displacement. There’s a spot for a third spring which is not installed. The mounting points of the upper control arms have various mounting hole options. Of course, there are dabs of paint marker on the fasteners to check if they’re loose or not.
You can see half of the intercooler through the side scoop.
The other half of the intercooler is fed by the right side scoop. I’d guess that’s an air temperature sensor in the IC pipe before it makes a 180 degree turn into the throttle body.

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