SEMA 2016: Nerd’s Eye View – Track Cars


That rear brake setup JUST fits inside the wheel. The rear diff looks easy enough to fill up with fluid the fill cap being right there and easy to twist off. The rear diff has a breather hose and filter, which is not something you see too often on cars.
This Camaro is built for NASA TT-2 racing. Domestic muscle has definitely had an impact on the road courses.
That’s a good looking carbon hood with functional hood vent.
The interior is outfitted with the necessary modern road course safety equipment consisting of the cage and nets.
Look closely and you’ll notice the wing mounts are not attached to the trunk because trunks are not really designed to handle a couple hundred pounds of downforce. Those wing mounts are attached to something more substantial underneath.
Smart man…

It just dawned on me that there are a significant number of Domestic race vehicles at SEMA. Not so much for the Japanese brands as they seem too busy building SUVs/CUVs. Mazda does have the new Miata which is a fantastic car, but it’s no 400+hp V8 powered car. The 370Z is ancient. The Evo is gone. The STI has gone upscale. WTF! Well, the Supra is supposed to be coming back, so there is a bit of hope. Hopefully we will see even more track vehicles at SEMA next year.

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