SEMA 2016: Nerd’s Eye View – Track Cars


A drift car doesn’t need much braking thermal capacity, so a small, cross-drilled rotor is used to save mass along with a Wilwood caliper. I know of Weld wheels from drag racing, but it seems they make street car wheels too.
A Fuel Safe fuel cell with Radium fuel pumping guts holds and provides the fuel.
The opening in the rear also gets air to the two rear radiators, one for the blower intercooler and one for the engine.
The two fans combined with the sheet metal shroud help pull air through the radiators.
I’m a little surprised there’s just a single exhaust. But hey, no need for mufflers especially at the rear which would just get bashed and also increase the polar moment of inertia. You can see the four coolant lines running down the side of the car.
I really want to drive one of these race trucks one day.

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