SEMA 2016: Nerd’s Eye View – Track Cars


That strapped down box where there used to be a passenger seat- I think that’s for a cool suit. Oh yeah, there’s the beefy cage. For example, that steel tube and gussets under the A-pillar to prevent the roof from collapsing in a rollover. And, the Safecraft nets to keep the driver’s arms and head within the vehicle during the ride.
Some race communication gear is strapped to the carbon fiber transmission tunnel cover. A switch panel is mounted where the radio used to be and the panel has been angled towards the driver.
Behind the driver’s seat are a couple coolers of drinking water. Two drivers race the car, so I guess each gets their own cooler.
Mounted in the back is the fan for the cool suit and the fire suppression bottle.
Justin Pawlak’s Mustang is built a bit differently.
Powering the car is a Roush blower setup on the V8. It still pulls air through the street car airbox. Radium oil catch cans are used on the PCV valves on each valve cover. Insulation is used on all the lines running down the side of the engine.
KW struts hold up the front of the car. That looks like a custom fabricated front spindle.

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