SEMA 2016: Nerd’s Eye View – Track Cars


Honda raced the new Civic Coupe in Global Rally Cross. The shape of the body is about the only thing it has in common with the road-going car. I liked that Honda left the car bruised and battered showing the scars of GRC.
Peeking under the hood, you can see the red valve cover of the longitudinally mounted engine. Hidden underneath all of that insulation is the exhaust manifold going to a Garrett Motorsports turbo. All of the hoses going to the TiAl wastegate have insulation from Goodridge for protection. The valve looking thing behind the wastegate with the two lines going to it should be for an anti-lag system.
The big side scoop directs air to the rear mounted radiator. The rear side window is designed for easy removal. The banged up wheel and bodywork show that GRC is a contact sport. The mechanics definitely earn their keep.
There’s not a whole lot to the exhaust. But the team obviously learned something because that short little section of exhaust from the tip to the V-band joint has a flex joint along with springs on the bolts for the mounting bracket. The rear diff mounted to the tubular subframe is definitely not something you’ll find at the Honda dealer.
Peeking a bit further under at the front of the car, you can see that the suspension is not even close to stock. Heck, this goes way beyond even what you’ll find in WRC. It’s not so crazy for rally cross though, with the coilovers mounted way inboard. The car is pretty battered underneath- hence the protection required from the skid plate and wrapping of the suspension arm.
Heim joints are used in the upper suspension locations. I’m a little surprised the lap transponders survives in the wheel well.
Ain’t no strut here! A shield helps prevent crap from getting kicked up into the engine bay. The brake duct isn’t connected, but you can see where it attaches in order to direct air to the rotor.

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