Sneak Peek: Daigo Saito’s Achilles Tire SC430


This is the most powerful engine on the Formula Drift Circuit by far. The engine that strikes fear in the hearts of LS swapped drift cars everywhere.  Daigo's SC430 is powered by a 2JZ rumored to have as much as 1300 hp.  Personally we think 900-1000 hp is much more realistic but there is no doubt that Daigo's car is very powerful.  Daigo's engine uses a Brian Crower 3.4 liter stroker kit which has a billet 94mm stroke crank and 87mm JE pistons using a 2618 alloy asymmetrical forging with a contoured undercrown, hung on BC 5.59 center to center H beam rods.
The engine uses a 2JZGE cylinder head, presumably to take advantage of the VVT-i variable cam timing system on the intake cam.  This can give needed faster spool and a wider powerband, we think as much as 100 lb/ft in some parts of the powerband.  Daigo uses Brian Crower cams and HKS timing gears with all the related valve springs by Brian Crower as well.  A heavy duty HKS timing belt is also used.  The heads are probably mildly ported with a good valve job.
The engine has a rear mounted radiator so the layout of the plumbing for the engine's front mounted Greddy core tube and fin intercooler can be very simple and straightforward for minimal volume while still being large diameter for good flow.  All couplers and hoses are burst resistant 4-ply HPS silicone parts.  HPS also supplied all of the postive locking stainless T-Bolt clamps as well.
The secret behind Daigo's awesome power is a Garrett GTX4294R turbo.  It uses a billet compressor wheel with better aero and maximum compressor efficiency with a ball bearing CHRA for faster spool.  It has an exhaust A/R of 1.2 with a divided housing to speed spool time with a pulse converter exhaust manifold.  The turbo can provide enough airflow for over 1100 hp.
A fabricated intake manifold with a large surge tank is used to feed the big stroker engine.  An enlarged throttle body feeds the big plenum.
An HKS GT50 wastegate is used to regulate boost pressure.  The exhaust manifold is an HKS tubular stainless piece designed for pulse conversion with a  twin scroll exhaust housing on the turbo.  This speeds spool by over 500 rpm.

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