Sneak Peek: Daigo Saito’s Achilles Tire SC430


Currently Daigo's car runs super sticky and super smoky Achilles 123S tires in 265/35-18 in the front with the Achilles ATR Sport 2 also in 265/35-18 in the rear.  The Achilles 123S is a really grippy tire and we are looking forward to evaluating it on some of our project cars.
The front suspension also runs adjustable Ikeya Formula arms.  A Cusco non adjustable front sway bar is used.  The stock Lexus electric over hydraulic power steering is used.
To get more steering angle, the lower part of the spindle is replaced with a shorter piece to increase the steering ratio.  What's cool is that this part unbolts from the upright part of the spindle making getting more angle a simple job. A DG-5 front coilover is used with a Swift spring.  The front hub uses a thick spacer to space the wheel out to fill the widebody.  Unfortunately this really increases the scrub radius which affects turn in.  From the look of things, the rear steer rack position is set up for minimal Ackerman.
Increasing the track can increase rear grip while sliding sideways by reducing weight transfer to the outside wheel.  When the tires sizes are restricted like they are in Formula D, this is a trick that helps.  The Achilles 123 is currently only available in a 265 width but we think the car can probably run a 275 or wider under the FD tire width to weight rule.  When wider sizes of the 123S come out, the car will get faster!
Lightweight Prodrive forged wheels are used.
Currently Daigo is in second place in Formula D points heading into the last event at Irwindale.  Daigo's performance this year has been amazing.  Just wait until next year now that he has experience with the US circuit and knows the tracks.

We have shown that Daigo's Achilles Tire SC430 is an interesting mix of JDM and US technology.  The car's stellar performance is the result of tremendous power provided by the Garrett boosted, Brian Crower large displacement, nitroused 2JZ and grip of the Achilles 123S tire.  Combined with Daigos suburb driving skill, the Achilles team has been very competitive in their inaugural season and we expect that to increase as the team becomes more experienced with US tracks and driving protocol.

We can't wait to see what Daigo has in store next year, especially now that he is more familiar with the Formula D circuit


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