Sneak Peek: Daigo Saito’s Achilles Tire SC430


This fabricated aluminum tank is the water reservoir for the intercooler and radiator sprayer.
 A high pressure AEM water injection pump is used for spraying the radiator and intercooler.
Water is added every round to the rear mounted tank to help keep things cool.
Daigo's car runs on VP C16 fuel.  C16 is really good turbo and nitrous fuel.  The fuel is transferred from the fuel cell to the engine via twin Bosch 044 fuel pumps.
Like the rear of the car, the front has a beautifully fabricated aluminum sub structure.  We feel that this is easy to damage.  Fortunately since the radiator is in the back, it can crush quite a bit before it gets into critical components.  On most drift cars this structure is made of seamless mild steel or 4130 chrommoly for better impact resistance.  This lightness of construction probably contributed to the car's heavy damage suffered in the Las Vegas round.
The roll cage is Formula D compliant and is sort of minimalistic.  Many Japanese drift teams feel that the cage should be flexible to help the car find traction.  This is the opposite of what many of the better American teams feel who build stiffer cages with more triangulation.

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