Sneak Peek: Daigo Saito’s Achilles Tire SC430


The rear of Daigo's car is almost more interesting than the engine!  In the interest of having as much weight rearward as possible, nearly every moveable component is relocated to the rear of the car.  This offsets the forward weight bias of the long 2JZ.
The back of the car contains the heat exchangers for coolant, and oil as well as their attendant surge tanks.  The fuel cell, nitrous bottle, rear wing supports, battery and reservoir for the interooler and radiator sprayer are also located back here.
The whole back of the car is supported by a delicate, super light bird cage arrangement of small diameter aluminum tubes bolted to the frame rails.  Although the construction is exquisite, we feel that this is much too fragile for the rough and tumble world of pro drifting and it leaves many critical components exposed to potentially crippling damage.  Most typical FD cars use larger diameter seamless or chromoly tubing for the front and rear fabricated subframes.
The critical heat exchangers are also the most rear mounted components and prone to damage.  A good hit can cause the car to be taken out of action.  Koyo makes the radiator and oil cooler and you can see the electric Davies Craig water pump back here as well.  Don't get us wrong, this is beautifully made, super trick stuff but it makes the car less robust in a semi contact motorsport.
The cooling fans are located under the car.  The screen was added after Long Beach as it was found that debris could easily fly up and hole the radiator.
An Odyssey dry cell battery provides power for the car's systems in a safe lightweight package.

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