Sneak Peek: Daigo Saito’s Achilles Tire SC430


The unusual stainless mesh air filter is made by Blitz.  It filters better than you might think and has very low restriction.
A Greddy RZ 40mm blow off valve helps reduce turbo compressor surge.
Greddy also supplied the oil cooler adaptor.  The adaptor has ports for oil pressure and temperature sending units for the Racepak dash.
The exhaust is a large 4″ in diameter stainless part.  To flow enough gasses for mega power you need a big exhaust!
Yes, Daigo's car has nitrous.  It's probably the reason why the rumors of 1300 hp started.  The 10 lb bottle has a heater and one bottle lasts a FD weekend.  We think that the nitrous is only used to spool the turbo quickly and shuts off once a certain boost pressure is reached.  Daigo typically does not use the nitrous in an event's early practice sessions and you can really hear the difference in exhaust note and how fast his engine responds when he turns it on in later sessions once he learns the basics of each track.  The nitrous is the key factor in levelling the playing field against the V8's.  With nitrous, you can have the low end power of a big V8 with the tremendous top end power of a turbo.  Daigo's power is one of the key factors in his success this year.
Under the dash, Daigo's car has typical Japanese style engine management which is a somewhat confusing bundle of magic tuning boxes.  The basic fuel, spark and cam control maps are controlled by the large gold box which is an HKS V-Pro stand alone ECU. The next box is an HKS part that converts the stock waste spark ignition system to an individual coil direct fire system and  the final box is a Greddy Profec boost controller.  There is another box we think it's a Racepak multiplexor for data logging.  Bulkhead terminations for the wiring and plumbing would be safer as well.

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