Sneak Peek: Daigo Saito’s Achilles Tire SC430


Daigo's office is very straightforward, all RHD using the stock Toyota dash shell and carbon panels.  Note how the cage does not extend past the dash. This is not good for stiffness or footwell intrusion protection but is consistent with the JDM chassis flexibility line of thought.
The switch panel contains the master cut off switch, ignition kill, start button, dash, lights, nitrous system and fuel pump switches. it also has a nitrous bottle pressure gauge and a Blitz boost controller.  The Blitz boost controller is the primary boost control and the Greddy Profec under the dash is a back up boost control.  We are uncertain as to why the team feels that two boost controllers are needed.
A PLX Devices M-300 wide band a/f ratio gage is used.
This is the arming switch and sprayer button for the intercooler and radiator water spray.
A deeply dished Prodrive steering wheel is mounted to he stock steering column.  A Racepak digital dash and data logger is also used.  The red T-handle is the activation lever for the Safecraft fire system.
The Safecraft fire system employs FE36 extinguishing agent.  FE36 is the replacement for Halon 1211.  It does not damage the ozone layer like Halon and is less toxic while still extinguishing better.

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