Sneak Peek: Daigo Saito’s Achilles Tire SC430



A Seibon dry carbon hood saves a bunch of weight and has functional vents that help keep the 2JZ cool.  The hood has survived some pretty decent impacts without breaking!  The front fascia, rear bumper, fenders and side skirts are also Seibon dry carbon.


Daigo sometimes runs the gutted out stock top.  On some occasions this is for rain and on others to reduce the amount of smoke in the cabin.  The doors are lightweight and strong Seibon dry carbon fiber parts that save about 80 lbs off the total weight of the car.
A huge rear wing is run, presumably to help contain the massive power the engine produces.  Sturdy mounts for the wing attach directly to the rear support structure not the trunk.  The trunk lid is a Seibon superlight dry carbon part.  Seibon parts take around 150 plus lbs off of the SC430.
The stock configuration diff is run, not a quick change like US drift cars typically use.  An OS Giken LSD splits the power.  Daigo runs a 3.7 final drive.  An oval section exhaust flows enough for all the power while maintaining ground clearance.
Ikeya Formula adjustable links are used in the rear suspension.  These links are fully adjustable and replace the squishy rubber bushings with bearings.  The rubber bushings in the uprights are pressed out and replaced with spherical bearings as well.  Stock Supra axles are run and they hold up well.
DG 5 adjustable coilovers are used with Swift Springs.  The stock rear antisway bar is run.  The rear crossmember bushings are locked in place with aluminum top inserts.  Note that the motion ratio of the coilovers can be adjusted as can the position of the swaybar end links.  Also note the full seam welding treatment that has been performed on the unibody.
Look at the extreme wheel spacing used to fill out the widebody.  This puts a lot of stress on the wheel bearings and suspension.  The Ikeya Formula lower arm is adjustable for length on the inboard end and has an additional eccentric on the outboard end for adjusting camber.  Cool stuff!


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