Street Friendly (And California Legal) GD Subaru STI Build! Part Two Streetable Suspension

In our first story on our practical daily STI build, we worked over the worn OEM brakes with DBA rotors and Hawk Performance Pads adding a Cobb short shifter into the mix.  For this installment, we are going to go over the suspension with stuff from Whiteline and KW Suspension.  Like we did with our brakes, our goal isn’t going to be building a street-going racecar, but to enhance the stock performance of the STI in a refined way, like how Subaru does with the RA models, with more performance without increasing any annoying traits.

The stock suspension was pretty tired after 17 years of street service.  It was time for something new!

Jason starts off by removing the bolts holding the brake line to the struts.  The previous owners of the car had already installed braided steel lines.

Next, the bolts holding the struts to the front knuckles were removed.

Next, the top three strut bolts were removed.


  1. Why not go with the Whiteline Front Roll Center/Bump Steer – Correction Kit too since you are already there?

    1. One of the things is the kit reduces negative camber so, with limited camber adjustment, we chose not to run it. It is a good choice of parts to run in such an application through.

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