Street Friendly (And California Legal) GD Subaru STI Build! Part Two Streetable Suspension

Unfortunately the stock upper mount was in bad condition, the bearing was corroded and seized and the rubber was cracked so we got new genuine Subaru parts to replace the old parts.

Now Jason can reassemble the strut assembly with the new stock upper mounts.  The springs are shorter than stock and the spring seat position can be set for low preload so the strut can be assembled without the spring compressor.

You can damage any performance strut by tightening the shaft bolt with an impact gun so Jason used a KW service tool that holds the shock shaft while tightening the nut holding it all together.

Now the front struts can be reinstalled.

Our refurbishing work is starting to look pretty good!

Now it’s time for the rear struts.  To get to the upper mounts, you remove the rear seats.


  1. Why not go with the Whiteline Front Roll Center/Bump Steer – Correction Kit too since you are already there?

    1. One of the things is the kit reduces negative camber so, with limited camber adjustment, we chose not to run it. It is a good choice of parts to run in such an application through.

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