Street Friendly (And California Legal) GD Subaru STI Build! Part Two Streetable Suspension

We are using Whiteline’s optional heavy-duty rear swaybar mount.  The stock-stamped steel mount can bend or even tear out when driving hard using a big antisway bar.  The Whiteline mount is a sturdy aluminum extrusion with bigger diameter bolts.

The Whiteline end links are adjustable in length.  This is useful when adjusting the bar.  You can adjust the end link length for the best position and a lack of bind.  When corner weighting the suspension the ride heights from side to side can be slightly different. With adjustable end links, you can adjust the lengths so there is no preload on the bar that can make the left to right balance different.

Here is the stock sway bar.

The end links and center mounts are removed, then the front bar can be wiggled out.

We ended up loosening the subframe and dropping it to make removing the stock bar and installing the Whiteline bar easier.  This is actually easier than it sounds especially on a lift.

You can see the huge difference in diameter between the Whiteline bar and the stock part here.


  1. Why not go with the Whiteline Front Roll Center/Bump Steer – Correction Kit too since you are already there?

    1. One of the things is the kit reduces negative camber so, with limited camber adjustment, we chose not to run it. It is a good choice of parts to run in such an application through.

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