Street Friendly (And California Legal) GD Subaru STI Build! Part Two Streetable Suspension

You can see the rear swaybar mount that we are going to replace.  It is made of flimsy stamps steel.  A bigger swaybar bends this poor piece all up and can even tear it from the chassis!

The stock swaybar was removed, in the back of the car, this is much more simple.  You can simply unbolt it and remove it in a few minutes.

The new Whiteline rear bar is way bigger than the stock part, 24mm vs 19mm.

The heavy-duty Whiteline swaybar mounts bolt right up, replacing the flimsy stock parts.

Next, the end links are bolted to the rear suspension trailing arms.

The swaybar urethane bushings are greased up and placed on the bar.


  1. Why not go with the Whiteline Front Roll Center/Bump Steer – Correction Kit too since you are already there?

    1. One of the things is the kit reduces negative camber so, with limited camber adjustment, we chose not to run it. It is a good choice of parts to run in such an application through.

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