Street Friendly (And California Legal) GD Subaru STI Build! Part Two Streetable Suspension

Now the bar is raised into position.

The swaybar is installed on the mounts.

Now the ends of the bar are bolted to the end links.

We put the end links in the middle adjustment hole. The swaybar can be adjusted rearward for more oversteer and put forward for more rear grip and more understeer bias.

The end links were adjusted for minimal angularity and zero preload.  In the middle position.

Now our suspension install is complete!


  1. Why not go with the Whiteline Front Roll Center/Bump Steer – Correction Kit too since you are already there?

    1. One of the things is the kit reduces negative camber so, with limited camber adjustment, we chose not to run it. It is a good choice of parts to run in such an application through.

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