Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 3


The fabrication of the front swaybar is now complete.  This is the non adjustable blade end of the swaybar.
The blade adjustable side of the sway bar.  This end turns to give the bar infinite stiffness adjustability.  When the blade is sideways it flexes making the bar effectively softer.  When it is straight up and down it is more resistant to flexing and effectively makes the bar stiffer.
This is the unibody at the end of the wheelwell.  We wanted to bevel this area out to improve aerodynamics.
Gary cut the flat portion of the wheelwell away and added a tube going from the downtube of the cage up to the tubes reinforcing the shock tower to totally triangulate the cage in this area.  This tube protects from footwell intrusion.  Gary is going to make a carbon fiber plate to cover this area.  Combined with fender venting and some air traps at the bottom of the wheelwell, this should decrease drag and increase downforce.
A closer look at the upper engine compartment triangulation.
A closer look at the lower shock tower and engine compartment triangulation.  It is all designed to get progressively stiffer from the front to rear for impact absorption.  It is also much stiffer in bending and torsion than the stock unibody.


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