Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 3


After considering conventional power steering and electromechanical power steering we are most likely going to settle on electric power steering.  This is a unit we are looking at from a Scion XD but we are also considering a unit that Skidoo uses on their off road quads.  Rhys Millen uses this unit on his Pikes Peak car with great success.  We like the simplicity and light weight electric power steering offers.
We added uninterrupted X door bars for maximum chassis stiffness and good intrusion protection.  We also added this additional vertical A pillar reinforcing tube to strengthen the roof section.
Here is a closer look at the door bars.  Strong and stiff.
Kyong Choi of Cosworth helps Gary out by fabricating gussets.  The cage uses many gussets to couple tubes together and connect the cage to the unibody.  These simple bits of metal do much to increase overall chassis stiffness.  Here Kyong makes a cardboard pattern of a gusset to tie the X brace to the roof reinforcement tube.
It is way easier to work in cardboard instead of metal.  If you mess up, just get another piece of cardboard.
Gary show Kyong how to make an accurate centerline measurement for the gusset holes.


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