Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 3


 Gary finishes all the marked cuts with a set of air nibblers.
Then a long draw file is used to true up the cuts and to break the edges so they are smooth.  Our carbon mold is now complete.
We decided that we would set the driver back as far as possible for improved weight distribution.  This distance worked out to be 8″ further rearward than stock.  The cage's harness bar and diagonal brace had to be modified to accommodate this.
You can see the cage mods in this picture.  We also had to modify the steering column mounting to move it further back as well.  This is as far back as we could go within the constraints of the stock unibody.
The Tilton pedal assembly including Tilton master and clutch cylinders, as well as balance bar are installed into a fabricated foot box.  The footbox provides some protection to the drivers lower extremities and is moved back behind several of the cage's main bars.  The Tilton pedal assembly also has a balance bar to adjust mechanical brake proportioning and a hydraulic proportioning valve as well.
The cage and seat position toward the rear.  The driver is the second heaviest part of the car next to the engine and moving him back as far as possible really helps!


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