Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 3


Eric had ordered some fiberglass doors and a trunk lid from Final Konnexion in Japan a few months ago and they came in on Saturday!  Kenji at Greddy was able to add them to one of Greddy's container shipments from Japan and saved us a bunch of money. We were pretty impressed with the quality and lightness even though Final Konnexion told us that their parts were not optimized for light weight. They actually specialize in “street style“ and drift style parts.  These parts will shave quite a bit off the car.  The GT-R originally weighed 3007 lbs with driver and we want to get it to below 2600 lbs.  The doors are light while still being strong and stiff.
Eric was pretty impressed with the trunk lid as well.
The trunk lid has a lot of attention to detail and good fit. Japanese body parts still made in Japan are among the best in the world. None of that cheap Chinese shit here!
Before hanging the doors, Eric decided to detail the door hinges.  First Eric deburred the parts.
Then he decided to lighten them by drilling them out.  I was making fun of him for wasting time but he said that “This doesn't cost anything and doesn't take that long so lets see how much weight this saves”.
The hinge after the first stage of drilling.  After this, Eric deburred the holes with a countersink bit.


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