Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 3


After drilling and deburring, Eric sandblasted everything.  Gary's sandblast cabinet uses an old STI heater blower to circulate air through the filter.  Gary is like a Filipino McGyver and his shop is full of stuff like this that makes you laugh.
The finished product.  After weighing the hinges before and after I was surprised to find that Eric's prep had actually saved half a pound!  Not bad for free.  If you find a few places like this on the car, it will all add up.

In our next segment following the build of the Team America Time Attack BNR32 GT-R, Eric Hsu might take you into Cosworth's engine department to see how the assembly of the Nissan VQ35HR engine is coming or I might show you more chassis work.  Wish us luck, we will do our best to finish this in time!

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