Terrorizing Time: Integra Type R



Racers around the world know that the off-season is a time for preparation and then the eventual unveiling of weeks or months of labour. For R-Division and the Integra Type-R, that meant showing off the new vinyl highlighting title sponsor, K-Tuned, and done by the Waterloo, Ontario shop 'Wrap'. The car has always looked good, but now carrying new bodywork covered with the new wrap, it is absolutely show car stunning. The improvements do not stop when the race season starts, as you will note that a number of changes took place throughout the 2016 season. Huge thanks to Martin Gonzales from MotoIQ and Scott Mackay from skootermedia as my contributing photographers. Martin's work needs no introduction as he is MotoIQ staff and does outstanding work. Scott, a Canadian, does great work and I'm pleased to be able to showcase his photos. Skootermedia captured many of the changes to the Type R's aero in photos over the course of the season.  Plus, this way we get to see action on both sides of the border!


Terrorizing Time Attack Car or Terrific Show Car! It's both! Pic by skootermedia.


Looking from the passenger side door down into the engine bay the K24 swap is the first thing you see. That is followed closely by the K-Tuned header.


The Type R has a K24 swap that has been built by Eric Lavigne at R-Division. R-Division is a small performance shop located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. The shop recently relocated and is now just a short walk away from James' workplace, Houghton Rust Proofing, a family owned and operated business where James works daily with his mom, Diane, and his dad, Vern. They, along with his wife, Kaitlyn, are often at the track with him at local events but due to the demands of business leave him on his own for the more distant tracks. There is no question that this teamwork enhances the track successes experienced.

In front of the K-Tuned fuel rail and new for 2016 is the K-Tuned intake manifold. The runners are 5.75″ long and have a diameter of 1.875″ that, coupled with a 90mm throttle body flange and a large plenum, mean that there are no restrictions of flow with high horsepower cars like this Type R. The manifold flange is a 6061 billet piece. 


Here you see the K-Tuned 90mm throttle body mated to the intake manifold. This North American made component features 6061 billet aluminum with a brass throttle blade. It is leak tested to 90 psi.


To use this intake manifold, the water passage must be modified and a K-Tuned AC/PS eliminator pulley kit must replace the stock pulleys.


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