Terrorizing Time: Integra Type R


You will have to pardon the lack of details and some of the conjecture, however, I cannot go into the trade secrets from R-Division and Professional Awesome that assisted this car in taking almost six seconds off of its Buttonwillow lap times. Professional Awesome supplied the venting and designed the aero enhancements. The fender cutouts came from TrackLife Composites. The rear wing throughout the season was an APR GT250. At the end of the season the car was on display at PRI with an APR GT1000 dual element wing. This is because the GT250 was at the limits of what it could provide and, looking ahead to 2017, the plan is for even more frontal downforce thus more rear wing was required to give the car the balance that it needs. All I can tell you about the 2017 plan for front downforce is that Mike at Professional Awesome will be providing specifications for the new front splitter that Chris Boersma will be building.


G-LOC Brake Pads have been part of James' build since G-LOC opened for business in 2016. He runs G-LOC R16 compound on the front and G-LOC R10 rear. His StopTech rotors will be upgraded for 2017 with the K-Tuned Type R running a StopTech lightweight prototype that, after testing, should be available by or before summer. James is very pleased with this partnership with StopTech. Tires are off of the shelf Pirelli DS slicks. Disclaimer: Ewald Performance, my business, is an Authorized G-LOC Brakes dealer.

The stock instrument panel and the lap timer will be updated over the winter to a Race Pak setup – providing access to data that you probably already assumed was in this amazing car. As fantastic as it is, this car is absolutely built on a budget.


The stock instrument panel and suction mounted lap timer will be updated over the winter to a Racepak IQ3 datalogger system with additional channels provided by a Hondata EFI V-Net module and some other V-Net channels. Bringing Houghton up to speed with the system will be Canadian Racepak dealer Ian Rae of Heads Up Racer. Ian is looking forward to working with James on his datalogging needs and helping him find ways to be even quicker!


An OMP fire suppression system is a must at this level of competition.


Three nozzles in the engine bay and three under the dash are in place to provide protection in the cabin.


And taking no chances with driver safety or this car, a handheld extinguisher is mounted in the passenger seat area, just past the fire suppression system's activation pull.


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